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Title:Mount FROMP
Author(s):Stawiasz, Katherine
Contributor(s):Schwarz, Kevin; Paul, Justine
Abstract:This polymer resin represents an extraordinary demonstration of morphogenesis as described by the late Alan Turing. In nature, morphogenesis gives rise to many patterns such as stripes of a zebra or spots on a cat. The characteristics of these stripes or spots are determined by a delicate balance of factors within the system and its environment. This is why no two cats have the same spots! As researchers in the area of materials synthesis, we are inspired by nature and morphogenesis and are striving to harness morphogenesis to manufacture next-generation materials. Here we've shown that light can be used to attain spatiotemporal control over morphogenic patterning in frontal ring-opening metathesis polymerization (FROMP), an improvement over typical heating methods which lack such control. Polymerization is initiated at the center of the image using a powerful LED which creates one large defined wave. This wave propagates outwards at smaller and smaller frequencies due to an oscillating thermocline (viewable as circular ripples). The excitement associated with discovering light initiated FROMP was much like the eruption shown in this photo which we have named Mount FROMP.
Issue Date:2020
Rights Information:Copyright 2020 Katherine Stawiasz
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-04-15

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