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Title:The Hidden War: Injustice in the Wake of the Philippine-American War
Author(s):Khoshbin, Broderick (Rocky)
Contributor(s):Espiritu, Augusto (Undergraduate Faculty Advisor)
Abstract:This thesis describes the United States’ campaign in the Philippines and the atrocities that occurred there and tells the story of how those atrocities were hidden, marginalized, and forgotten in the years after the war. I will show how this was not a natural process, that the Philippine-American war was not passively misunderstood or forgotten. Instead, I will show how misinformation and the suppression of the truth was an orchestrated effort by imperialist politicians and military officials to control the narrative, justify their decisions and protect their policies. Specifically, this thesis will analyze the hearings before the Committee on the Philippines, which was tasked with investigating the reports of atrocities, as well as the military courts-martial after the war. Analysis of that bias and partisanship reveals that the hearings were more of a vindication than an investigation, and the courts-martial were more of a search for an excuse than a search for justice. This thesis will explain the precedents of military misconduct and political manipulation that were established by how United States politicians and military officials dealt with the atrocities that occurred during one of the United States’ first overseas imperialist occupations.
Issue Date:2020
Genre:Dissertation / Thesis
Rights Information:Copyright 2020 Broderick (Rocky) Khoshbin
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-06-05

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