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  • Bae, Kyungmin (2014-06)
    We give source code for a Real-Time Maude framework for formally specifying and executing Multirate PALS synchronous designs, along with an example of designing and model checking a distributed controller for turning an airplane.


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  • Bae, Kyungmin; Meseguer, José (2010-01-29)
    In modeling a concurrent system, fairness constraints are usually considered at a specific granularity level of the system, leading to many different variants of fairness: transition fairness, object/process fairness, actor ...


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  • Bae, Kyungmin; Olveczky, Peter C.; Al-Nayeem, Abdullah; Meseguer, José (2011-05-31)
    Distributed Real-Time Systems (DRTS), such as avionics systems and distributed control systems in motor vehicles, are very hard to design because of asynchronous communication, network delays, and clock skews. Furthermore, ...


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