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  • Tao, Tao; Zhai, ChengXiang (2006-08)
    As exploratory queries become more and more popular, the study of how to select k items based on fuzzy matching and ranking of database tuples (i.e. top-k queries) has attracted much attention recently. However, taking the ...


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  • Wang, Xuanhui; Tao, Tao; Sun, Jian-Tao; Zhai, ChengXiang (2005-11)
    Anti-spamming has become one of the most important challenges to web search engines and attracted increasing attention in both industry and academia recently. Since most search engines now use link-based ranking algorithms, ...


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  • Tao, Tao (2007-11)
    The performance of statistical language modeling retrieval is directly determined by the estimation of document model £D, query model £Q, and the similarly between those two models. In this thesis, we propose to improve ...


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  • Tao, Tao; Zhai, ChengXiang (2004-04)
    Existing retrieval models all attempt to optimize one single utility function, which is often based on the topical relevance of a document with respect to a query. In real applications, retrieval involves more complex ...


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