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  • Zhao, Yiran; Li, Shen; Hu, Shaohan; Wang, Hongwei; Yao, Shuochao; Shao, Huajie; Abdelzaher, Tarek F. (VLDB Endowment, 2016-09-04)
    This paper presents a comprehensive evaluation of an ultra-low power cluster, built upon the Intel Edison based micro servers. The improved performance and high energy efficiency of micro servers have driven both academia ...


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  • Amin, Md Tanvir Al; Aggarwal, Charu; Yao, Shuochao; Abdelzaher, Tarek F.; Kaplan, Lance (IEEE, 2017)
    This paper presents unsupervised algorithms to uncover polarization in social networks (namely, Twitter) and identify polarized groups. The approach is language-agnostic and thus broadly applicable to global and multilingual ...


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