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Title:Impact of Strain-Actuated Attitude Control Systems for Variant Mission Classes
Author(s):Vedant; Allison,James T.
Subject(s):Satellite attitude control
Attitude Control System
Abstract:The University of Illinois, in collaboration with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and NASA Ames Research Center, has developed a novel Attitude Control System (ACS) called the Strain Actuated Solar Arrays (SASA), with sub-milli-arcsecond pointing capability. SASA uses strain-producing actuators to deform flexible deployable structures, and the resulting reaction forces rotate the satellite. This momentum transfer strategy is used for jitter reduction and small-angle slew maneuvers. The system is currently at a Technology Readiness Level of 4-5 and has an upcoming demonstration flight on the CAPSat CubeSat mission. An extension to the SASA concept, known as Multifunctional Structures for Attitude Control (MSAC), enables arbitrarily large-angle slew maneuvers in addition to jitter cancellation. MSAC can potentially replace reaction wheels and control moment gyroscopes for attitude control systems, thereby eliminating a key source of jitter noise. Both SASA and MSAC are more reliable because of fewer failure modes and lower failure rates as compared to conventional ACS, while having an overall smaller mass, volume, and power budget. The paper discusses the advantages of using SASA and MSAC for a wide range of spacecraft and variant mission classes.
Issue Date:2019-10
Citation Info:@Inproceedings{Vedant2019c, Title ={Impact of Strain-Actuated Attitude Control Systems for Variant Mission Classes}, Address = {Washington D.C., United States}, Author = {Vedant and Ghosh, Alexander and Alvarez-Salazar, Oscar S and Allison, James T }, Booktitle = {70th International Astronautical Congress}, Month = oct, Year = {2019}, Number = {C1.5.2} % Doi = {}, % Pages = {}, }
Genre:Conference Paper / Presentation
Sponsor:NSF Grant No. CMMI-1653118,NASA Contract No. NNX17CA25P
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-06-26

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