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Title:MundoHispano MOO
Author(s):Chu, Lonnie; Mudge, Kenzi
Contributor(s):White, Stephen; Curtis, Pavel
Educational Software
Spanish language education
Abstract:MundoHispano MOO is a virtual reality that is interacted with purely in text. It was created in 1994, when the Internet was just beginning to be capable of displaying images, and the majority of the world did not understand what 'web site' meant. The server software, called “MOO” (for Multiple-user-domain, Object-Oriented) ran on Linux, and the specifics of the commands and virtual environment were provided by the MundoHispano database, which was created by Lonnie Chu and her daughter, Kenzi Mudge. A MOO is a type of MUD. While there are purpose-built clients for connecting to MOOs, once it is running, users can log-in with a simple telnet client. Once connected, the ‘help’ or ‘@help’ commands can provide more information on interacting with the program. MundoHispano has a full set of instructional guide books, including commands in English and Spanish, that can be found in the Turismo just off Puerta del Sol.
Issue Date:1994
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-07-03

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