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Title:Farming In The 1930s
Author(s):Getz, Lowell L.
Subject(s):Farming 1930s
Farming Great Depression
Farming With Horses
Geographic Coverage:Midwestern United States
Abstract:Farming in the 21st century is an expensive, highly technological business, employing exceptionally large equipment and advanced GPS and GIS technology. GPS is used for precise “hands-off” movement of the equipment through the fields and accurate end-of-pass turns. GIS is used in site-specific soil nutrient sampling, identification of areas infested with specific weeds, disease or insects and yield measurements within a field. These data in turn, allow for precise dispersion of chemical fertilizers and pesticides within the field, as well as planting densities. This account contrasts current agricultural practices with those of the Great Depression years of the 1930s. Although there had been technological advances in tractors and harvesting equipment by the 1930s, the financial situation of most farmers precluded taking advantage of them. The agricultural depression of the 1920s had stressed the finances of farmers, even before the onset of the even greater depression of the 1930s. As a result, most farmers had no option but to continue utilizing horse-drawn equipment and labor-intense methods. I grew up on a farm in South Central Illinois during the 1930s. What I describe, is what I observed and remember of what and how my dad and mom farmed during those years. Few survive who remember those years. Soon none will remain. This account places on record the primitiveness and back-breaking physical effort of farming in those times.
Issue Date:2020-08-27
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-08-27

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