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Title:Supplemental Material: A Global Review of Life History Studies on Burrowing Crayfish
Author(s):Bloomer, Caitlin C.; DiStefano, Robert J.; Taylor, Christopher A.
Subject(s):burrowing crayfish
supplementary data
life history
Geographic Coverage:Global
Abstract:Burrowing crayfishes have historically lacked life history data due to their elusive nature and difficultly extracting them from burrows. This review provides a synopsis of current literature on burrowing crayfishes’ life histories and a quantitative analysis of published life history content. Only 69 publications covering 94 burrowing species (~39%) met our criteria for a life history study. Our review emphasizes the need to include life history data with new species descriptions and conduct basic life history studies to effectively assess data deficient species and protect the future of our threatened burrowing crayfishes. This file provides supplementary data to the publication including primary and secondary burrowing species and the life history traits in reviewed publications.
Issue Date:2020-11-05
Citation Info:Bloomer, C. C., R. J. DiStefano & C. A. Taylor, 2020. Supplemental material: A global review of life history studies on burrowing crayfish.
Type:Dataset / Spreadsheet
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-11-10

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