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Title:Towards a Comprehensive Set of PII for Ensuring Privacy Protections
Author(s):Sharma, Tanusree; Bashir, Masooda
Subject(s):PII, Information Privacy, ICT
Abstract:Personal Identifiable Information (PII) refers to any information that can be used to trace or identify an individual. With increasing online communication and a remote workforce, sharing PII has become mainstream online. In turn, this allows adversaries to attack account users’ systems, and impact users financially, economically, and affect their reputation. While the Internet, innovation and industrialization has become the important part of our social and economic structure as a natural component, each individual’s development depends on reliable and resilient infrastructure. Since the Internet is an unavoidable resource in our everyday life, this has become necessary to ensure safe and secure communication among different parties to enhance technological capabilities of industrial sectors all over the world. Industries are liable to keep people in society safe in online environments, which makes this a good time to consider a sustainable development plan to ensure security and privacy when preserving online communication for individuals. There are different mechanisms that exist to provide users with a certain level of privacy and safety. With the overarching technological development, it has become complicated to measure and handle PII (directly or indirectly) considering the recent setting of piecewise protection for different data types. In our study, we detail how organizations provide protection for different data types among PII. In addition, we have conducted a short study that analyzes online social data privacy on Facebook and Reddit in regards to how they handle collected data. Finally, we offer several paths for future research that must be considered for a comprehensive privacy protection program for users’ PII when developing resilient infrastructure, including regional and transborder.
Issue Date:2020-12-06
Citation Info:Sharma, T., & Bashir, M. Towards a Comprehensive Set of PII for Ensuring Privacy Protections.
Date Available in IDEALS:2020-12-05

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