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Title:Linguistic features and consumer credibility judgment of online health information
Author(s):Liu, Jiaying; Song, Shijie; Zhang, Yan
Subject(s):Credibility Judgment
Linguistic Features
Health Informatics
Human-Computer Interaction
Abstract:General health consumers rely on different indicators to judge the credibility of online health information. However, it remains unclear how consumers perceive and interpret linguistic features regarding credibility on health-related webpages. To bridge the gap, this study investigated how consumers interpreted linguistic features and how these interpretations varied across different information sources by employing observation and interview methods with a sample consisted of 30 participants. The results suggested that consumers could perceive three main linguistics features: number of typos, use of jargons, and tone of speech. The linguistic features played significant roles in indicating different credibility levels during consumers’ judgment of commercial webpages. However, consumers relied less on linguistics features to judge the credibility of government and forum webpages. We discussed these main findings and proposed several implications and future research directions.
Issue Date:2021-03-17
Genre:Conference Poster
Sponsor:VPR Research & Creative Grant from the University of Texas at Austin
Rights Information:Copyright 2021 is held by Jiaying Liu, Shijie Song, and Yan Zhang. Copyright permissions, when appropriate, must be obtained directly from the authors.
Date Available in IDEALS:2021-03-19

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