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Title:Can early cited proportion in certain sections reflect the future impact of the scientific articles?
Author(s):Qian, Jiajia; Luo, Zhuoran; Cai, Le; Huang, Shengzhi; Lu, Wei
Subject(s):In-text citations
Citation location analysis
Argumentative zoning recognition
Abstract:Citations in scientific publications are a vehicle for the dissemination of knowledge and can reflect the sources and bases of scientific research. The citation location study suggests that citations in different parts of the scientific literature have different functions and values. To some extent, the number of citations or the frequency of citations based on citation location better reflects the true impact of a paper. In this respect, our study aimed to explore whether the early cited proportion in specific sections of scientific articles can reflect their impact in the future. Firstly, we obtained full-text data on Alzheimer's disease from the PubMed central open-access subset and extracted citation data. We then recognized the partitions of articles through a combination of rule matching and argumentative zoning recognition models. Finally, we conducted Spearman's test, and results show that the early proportion of citations in result and method section is positively correlated with total citations, whereas this pattern did not exist in sections such as the introduction. The results demonstrate that in Alzheimer's disease articles, the citations in the methods and results sections better reflect the impact of the article. Our findings could provide some new insights into citation function identification and paper impact prediction.
Issue Date:2021-03-17
Genre:Conference Poster
Rights Information:Copyright 2021 is held by Jiajia Qian, Zhuoran Luo, Le Cai, Shengzhi Huang, and Wei Lu. Copyright permissions, when appropriate, must be obtained directly from the authors.
Date Available in IDEALS:2021-03-19

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