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Title:Evidence of Public Agenda-Setting on Twitter: A Comparative Analysis of the Government Agenda vs. the Public Agenda on the National Security Policy
Author(s):Chong, Miyoung
Subject(s):Public Agenda-setting
the Hong Kong National Security Law
Abstract:Recent agenda-setting research has focused on the agenda-setting in the digital environment. However, the possibility of the public as agenda setters and the public’s ability to set their own agenda have not fully investigated. The Hong Kong national security law became a focal issue for the Hong Kong public who has been deeply concerned by the consequences of the law. This study examined the government agenda and the public agenda regarding Hong Kong’s national security law and compared them through framing analysis to identify any similarities and differences between those two agendas. The findings of the study suggested that the Hong Kong government and the Hong Kong public set the opposing agendas regarding the national security law. To enhance socio-political stability in Hong Kong, this study suggests that the HKG should make efforts to persuade the Hong Kong public to make them understood the legitimacy of the law instead of antagonizing the public’s resistance and defying their concerns about the law.
Issue Date:2021-03-17
Genre:Conference Poster
Rights Information:Copyright 2021 is held by Miyoung Chong. Copyright permissions, when appropriate, must be obtained directly from the author.
Date Available in IDEALS:2021-03-19

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