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The Fiscal Futures Project began in 2008 out of concern that the state of Illinois lacked sufficient capacity to project its fiscal demands and revenue streams into the future. A longer term perspective is needed because of: the structural deficit: state expenditures have been growing faster than revenues; the serious consequences of making policy choices while ignoring the impact on the budget in future year; the relentless pressure on future budgets from an aging population and continuing increases in the cost of health care.

The project team has created and annually updates an All-Funds budget for the state of Illinois. Historical budget data for over 700 state funds—not just the four General Funds—is grouped into a meaningful set of revenue and spending categories, consistently measured over time. Compared to the more commonly reported General Funds budget, the All-Funds budget is more inclusive and transparent. The project team has created and maintains a long-term budget projection model for the state of Illinois.

With the All-Funds budget and the budget projection model the Fiscal Futures Project is able to: provide a new level of budget coverage and transparency previously not seen in Illinois; provide legislators, public policy makers and the public with a picture of the future budget situation; stimulate the impact on future budgets of proposed policies and legislation, or different assumptions about economic trends.

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  • Merriman, David F. (Institute of Government & Public Affairs, 2017-02-02)
    The downgrade of Illinois’s IDR and related ratings reflects the unprecedented failure of the state to enact a full budget for two consecutive years and the financial implications of spending far in excess of available ...


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