ACDA Student Chapter Choral Composition Competition

In Fall 2020, the ACDA student chapter of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign launched the first annual ACDA Choral Composition Contest. In the fall of 2020, ACDA @ Illinois set an intention to guide the year: “Together Through Song”. The ACDA executive board launched the contest with the goal of cultivating the choral tradition in the UIUC community by encouraging students to submit original choral compositions. All School of Music students were encouraged to apply to the contest, regardless of compostion experience, major, or level of study. The contest received ten submissions in total. Composers were asked to submit a full score, notes on the compositional process and inspiration, and a MIDI file or virtual recording of the piece. Submissions were judged by UIUC faculty Dr. Barrington Coleman, Dr. Andrea Solya, and Dr. Megan Eagan-Jones.

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  • Wolf, Dylan (2021)
    Program Note by Composer: Your breath was shed was a poem by Dylan Thomas, a Welsh poet. It symbolizes a breath that could be seen as the last breath. The reason I chose this poem is that I wanted a transformative sounding ...


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  • Waterson, Nathan (2021)
    "Shadows - My Journey as a First-Time Composer" - Program Note by composer Over the last few years, I have had many personal struggles with my own mental health. The severity of these struggles varied over that time, ...


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  • Eða Hvat 
    Kato, Kevin (2021)
    Program Note by Composer: This piece is based off of the Old Norse poem Völuspá, a poem which tells of the end of the world and the mythical Ragnarök. I learned about this poem in a viking mythology class here at the ...


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