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Title:2013 Governor's Conference on the Management of the Illinois River
Subject(s):Illinois river
water management
Geographic Coverage:Illinois
Issue Date:2013-10-01
Series/Report:Governor's Conference on the Management of the Illinois River
Genre:Conference Proceeding (whole)
Table of Contents:Welcome and Opening Remarks / Laura L. Keefer – The Illinois River: It Plays in Peoria… and Shanghai, Bogota, Santarem, Libreville and Beyond / Michael Reuter – Global and Regional Economy / Michele Sullivan – Illinois Agriculture & Global Trade / Mike Doherty – World Food Demand & US Competitive Challenges / Wendell Shauman – A Decade of Experience with Beneficial Use of Sediment in Illinois / John Marlin – Leadership and Role of Business on Waterway Infrastructure Projects / Ben Brockschmidt – Innovative, Alternative Delivery Methods for Replacement of Locks and Dams / Thomas O’Hara – Emiquon Complex Designated a RAMSAR Wetland of International Importance – A Local Global Achievement / Michelle Carr – Restoring the Vistas and Gems of the Eastern Tallgrass Prairie and Big Rivers Landscape / Gewn White – The US Fish & Wildlife Service’s Role in Management on the Illinois River / Bob Barry – Understanding Central Illinois Weather / Chuck Collins – Implementing Tile-Drainage Treatment Wetlands to Reduce Nitrogen Loading at the Watershed Scale / David Kovacic – Local Participants Enhancing Water Quality and the Mississippi River Basin Initiative- Upper Peoria Lakes Project / Eric Schenck, Eric McTaggart – Pulling Together Along the River / Colin Wellenkamp – Assessing Your Community’s Capital / Carrie McKillip – Watershed Planning – Communities Along the Illinois River / AJ Harlan, Melissa Eaton – The Expanding Influence of the Long Term Resource Monitoring Program (LTRMP) / Levi Solomon – Conservation Planning for Waterfowl in the Illinois River Valley – Local Management and Flyway Conservation / Heath Hagy – Bald Eagles: A Conservation Victory / Drew Becker – Soil Health: It’s All About the Soil! / Roger Windhorn – Nutrient Management Strategies in Illinois that Minimize Environmental Impact, Optimize Harvest Yield and Maximize Input Utilization / Dan Schaefer – Cover Crops – A “Win-Win” Strategy for Farmers and the Environment / Doug Gucker – Multi-Jurisdictional Approaches to Asian Carp in the Upper Illinois and Chicago Area Waterway System / Kevin Irons – Asian Carp Density and Movement in the Illinois River Waterway: Implications for Control / James Garvey – Looking Forward: Risk Assessment Tools to Identify Future Invaders Before They Arrive / Reuben Keller – Intensive Streamflow, Sediment, and Water Quality Monitoring of a Small Watershed in Bloomington, Illinois / Tim Straub – Watershed Management Tool for Evaluating BMPs: Case Studies in the Mackinaw and Upper Sangamon Rivers / Laura Keefer – Sediment Budget and Trends for the last 30 Years in the Illinois River Basin / Mike Demissie – Water Quality Impacts of Transportation and Storage of Road Salt Along the Illinois River / Christine Zeivel – The Attorney General and the River: A Historical Perspective / James Morgan – Blue Trails Initiative Round Table Discussion / Staci Williams, Anaise Berry – Current State of Suspended-Sediment Surrogate Technology / Ryan Jackson – Arrival of LiDAR Enhanced Elevation Data for the Illinois River Valley: A First Look / Don Luman – Eye in the Sky- The Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Remote Sensing to Monitor Rivers and Associated Ecosystems / Nathan Smith
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