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Title:Data Fusion Visualization for NASA CAMP2Ex Field Campaign
Author(s):Di Girolamo, Larry; Cox, Donna; Patterson, Robert; Levy, Stuart; Borkiewicz, Kalina; Christensen, AJ; Carpenter, Jeffrey; Hong, Yulan; Miller, Rose; Fu, Dongwei; Roy, Puja; Nesbitt, Steve; Rauber, Bob; CAMP2Ex Science Team
field campaign
atmospheric science
Geographic Coverage:Philippines
Southeast Asia
Abstract:Field campaign data archives are compiled of mostly raw data, with no straight forward way to understand the data collection and sampling strategy (including coordination amongst collaborative sensor nodes), as well as no clear way to navigate through fused datasets for exploration and discovery. This greatly limits scientific advancement and returns on NASA investments in field campaigns. In this report, we detail prototype visualizations that fuse field campaign data from a wide range of sensor nodes. Links to relevant imagery is included in the text. Two main visualization prototypes were created: (1) The Data Fusion Dashboard focused on a visualization treatment that provides a navigable summary of a flight day; and (2) The Data Fusion Exposition focused on an exposition of the field campaign data as an educational product capable of reaching a broader audience, as well as a product that can be used to communicate to scientists important information about the field campaign. Our analysis focused on CAMP2Ex data collected as part of Research Flight 09 (September 15, 2019), specifically data measured from instruments on the NASA P-3 Orion aircraft and numerous satellites. This flight sampled smoke from one of the largest biomass-burning events in Indonesia on record, with excellent coordination with multiple satellites.
Issue Date:2021-06-28
Genre:Report (Grant or Annual)
Technical Report
Sponsor:NASA AIST-QRS-20-0002
Rights Information:2021 University of Illinois Board of Trustees
Date Available in IDEALS:2021-06-30

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