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Title:Roadway Lighting’s Effect on Pedestrian Safety at Intersection and Midblock Crosswalks
Author(s):Bhagavathula, Rajaram; Gibbons, Ronald; Kassing, Andrew
Subject(s):Intersection Lighting
Crosswalk Lighting
Pedestrian Safety
Pedestrian Visibility
Visual Performance
Pedestrian Crossing Treatments
Abstract:This study evaluates the visual performance of four intersection lighting designs and five midblock crosswalk lighting designs along with two pedestrian safety countermeasures (rectangular rapid flashing beacons and flashing signs) at three light levels. The study involved a pedestrian detection task, which was completed at night on a realistic roadway intersection and a midblock crosswalk. The results from the study showed that driver nighttime visual performance at intersection and midblock crosswalks was influenced by the lighting design and light level. Intersections should be illuminated to an average horizontal illuminance of 14 lux (1.3 fc). This light level ensures optimal visibility of pedestrians regardless of the lighting design (or luminaire layout) of the intersection. The average horizontal illuminance of 14 lux (1.3 fc) also increases the visibility of pedestrians when glare from oncoming vehicles is present. The 14 lux (1.3 fc) average horizontal illuminance is valid for all lighting designs evaluated except the lighting design that illuminated the exits of the intersection. When the exits of the intersection are illuminated, an average horizontal illuminance of 24 lux (2.2 fc) is needed to offset the disability glare from opposing vehicles. Midblock crosswalks should be illuminated to an average vertical illuminance of 10 lux (0.9 fc) to ensure optimal pedestrian visibility. Where overhead lighting is available, midblock crosswalk lighting designs that render the pedestrian in positive contrast are recommended. Where overhead lighting is not available, crosswalk illuminators can be used to illuminate midblock crosswalks. At night, pedestrian crossing treatments such as rectangular rapid flashing beacons and flashing signs should not be used for pedestrian visibility at midblock crosswalks. Pedestrians crossing treatments should be used in conjunction with overhead lighting or crosswalk illuminators at the established vertical illuminance to ensure optimal pedestrian visibility at midblock crosswalks.
Issue Date:2021-08
Publisher:Illinois Center for Transportation/Illinois Department of Transportation
Citation Info:Bhagavathula, Rajaram, Ronald Gibbons, and Andrew Kassing. 2021. Roadway Lighting’s Effect on Pedestrian Safety at Intersection and Midblock Crosswalks. A report of the findings of ICT-R27-202. Illinois Center for Transportation Series No. 21-028. Research Report No. FHWA-ICT-21-023. Illinois Center for Transportation, Rantoul, IL.
Genre:Technical Report
Rights Information:No restrictions. This document is available through the National Technical Information Service, Springfield, VA 22161.
Date Available in IDEALS:2021-08-27

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