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Title:N2o-ar And N2o-kr: Symmetry Breaking Of Intramolecular Bending Mode Of N2o In The Presence Of A Rare Gas
Author(s):Dehghany, M.
Contributor(s):Moazzen-Ahmadi, Nasser; McKellar, A.R.W.; Barclay, A.J.; Gergess, Chris
Subject(s):Non-covalent interactions
Abstract:Rotationally-resolved infrared spectra of the bending modes of N$_{2}$O-Ar and N$_{2}$O-Kr van der Waals clusters have been studied in the region of the N$_{2}$O \nub{1} fundamental vibration ($\approx$ 2224 \wn), using a tunable quantum cascade laser source to probe complexes generated in pulsed supersonic jet expansion. The assigned vibrational transitions are hot bands (1, 1$^{1}$, 0)$\leftarrow$ (0, 1$^{1}$, 0) observed under supersonic conditions. In the presence of Argon/Krypton atom, the doubly-degenerate \nub{2} bending mode of the N$_{2}$O monomer splits to two modes, in-plane and out-of-plane of the complex, with A$^{\prime}$ and A$^{\prime}$$^{\prime}$ symmetry, respectively. These two infrared bands are heavily linked by Coriolis interaction. Analysis of the two bands for N$_{2}$O-Ar, located about 2209.8 \wn with a splitting of $\sim$0.1 \wn between the in-plane and out-of-plane intramolecular bending modes, yields experimental values $\xi$$_{a}$= 0.04215and $\xi$$_{b}$ =0.13646 for a- and b-type Coriolis interaction parameters for the lower state. For the N$_{2}$O-Kr, these values are found to be $\xi$$_{a}$= 0.04205 and $\xi$$_{b}$ =0.09212. The two bands for this complex are located about 2209.5 \wn and with a splitting of $\sim$0.4 \wn. Contrary to CO$_{2}$ containing complexes, the sign of splitting cannot be determined. This is due to lower symmetry of the N$_{2}$O-rare gas complexes. Coriolis interaction parameters found in these analyses, along with that of the previously-reported bands for CO$_{2}$-Ar\footnote{T.A. Gartner, A.J. Barclay, A.R.W. McKellar, and N. Moazzen-Ahmadi, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 22, 21488-21493 (2020).} and CO$_{2}$-N$_{2}$\footnote{A.J. Barclay, A.R.W. McKellar, and N. Moazzen-Ahmadi, J. Chem. Phys. 153, 014303 (2020).} complexes, offer important information for testing the accuracy of theoretical calculation toward a better understanding of intermolecular interactions.
Issue Date:2021-06-24
Publisher:International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy
Genre:Conference Paper / Presentation
Date Available in IDEALS:2021-09-24

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