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Author(s):Bonner, Ra’Von M.
White Privilege
African Americans
Abstract:I will begin by discussing who my audience i s. My audience consists of white people who do not agree with racism but who choose not to stand up for African Americans. The topic of oppression is very heav y on my heart, and I am sure t hat e very other African American would say the same thing. I am tired of my fellow brothers and sisters f eeling as though they are “less than”. I know oppression bothers all of the white people who I am close t o. I am asking for white people t o stand up and do more t han just be upset . It is essential to do more than to just talk about how bad oppression is. A change won’t be made until s omeone sta nds up and makes a difference. I know when white people stand up and use t heir voice i n order to defend, not just African Americans, but all minority groups, then it will have a big effect and create change. In this poem, I talk about how people t ry to justify oppression or ignore i t. Some people act a s though oppression does not happen. There are people who choose t o be ignorant about the issues and oppression in society, but wil l belie ve their perspectives are correct. One must have t he willpower in order to cause a change of heart on serious issues such as t his one. I am showing white people they have an opportunity to be heroes and to be forever remembered for their acts of love and compassion.
Issue Date:2019
Publisher:University of Illinois School of Social Work
Rights Information:Copyright 2019 Ra’Von M. Bonner
Date Available in IDEALS:2022-03-15

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