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Title:Numerical Method for Darcy Flow Derived Using Discrete Exterior Calculus
Author(s):Hirani, Anil N.; Nakshatrala, K.B.; Chaudhry, J.H.
Subject(s):numerical analysis
numerical methods
Abstract:We derive a numerical method for Darcy flow, hence also for Poisson's equation in first order form, based on discrete exterior calculus (DEC). Exterior calculus is a generalization of vector calculus to smooth manifolds and DEC is its discretization on simplicial complexes such as triangle and tetrahedral meshes. We start by rewriting the governing equations of Darcy flow using the language of exterior calculus. This yields a formulation in terms of flux differential form and pressure. The numerical method is then derived by using the framework provided by DEC for discretizing differential forms and operators that act on forms. We also develop a discretization for spatially dependent Hodge star that varies with the permeability of the medium. This also allows us to address discontinuous permeability. The matrix representation for our discrete non-homogeneous Hodge star is diagonal, with positive diagonal entries. The resulting linear system of equations for flux and pressure are saddle type, with a diagonal matrix as the top left block. Our method requires the use of meshes in which each simplex contains its circumcenter. The performance of the proposed numerical method is illustrated on many standard test problems. These include patch tests in two and three dimensions, comparison with analytically known solution in two dimensions, layered medium with alternating permeability values, and a test with a change in permeability along the flow direction. A short introduction to the relevant parts of smooth and discrete exterior calculus is included in this paper. We also include a discussion of the boundary condition in terms of exterior calculus.
Issue Date:2008-02
Genre:Technical Report
Other Identifier(s):UIUCDCS-R-2008-2937
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Date Available in IDEALS:2009-04-22

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