Illinois Classical Studies 02 1977


Edited by Miroslav Marcovich

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v. 2 1977 is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. The Nature Of Homeric Composition - G. P. Goold
2. The Mare, The Vixen, And The Bee: Sophrosyne As The Virtue Of Women In Antiquity - Helen F. North
3. Five Textual Notes - F. H. Sandbach
4. The Dynamics Of Pindar's Music: Ninth Nemean And Third Olympian - Lionel Pearson
5. Ritual And Drama In Aischyleian Tragedy - Gerald F. Else
6. Synaesthesia In Sophocles - Charles P. Segal
7. Air-Imprints Or Eidola: Democritus' Aetiology Of Vision - Walter Burkert
8. Notes On The Electra Of Euripides - James Diggle
9. A Sophist on Omniscience, Polymathy, and Omnicompetence: Δ.Λ. 8.1-13 - Thomas M. Robinson
10. Ancient Interpolation In Aristophanes - Kenneth J. Dover
11. The Four Stoic Personae - Phillip H. De Lacy
12. A New Manuscript Of Babrius: Fact Or Fable? - John Vaio
13. Harpocration Panegyrista - Gerald M. Browne
14. Euclio, Gnemon, And The Peripatos - Miroslav Marcovich
15. Ariadne's Leave-Taking : Catullus 64.116-20 - Wendell Clausen
16. The Grievance Of L. Domitius Ahenobarbus - David R. Shackleton Bailey
17. A Question Of Taste: Horace, Epistles I.14.6-9 - E. J. Kenney
18. Propertius 3.22: Tullus' Return - Michael C. J. Putnam
19. Studies On The Naples Ms. IV F 3 Of Ovid's Metamorphoses - Willam S. Anderson
20. Did Tacitus Finish The Annales? - Revilo P. Oliver
21. Ulrich Von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff To James Loeb: TwoUnpublished Letters - William Musgrave Calder III

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