Illinois Classical Studies 03 1978


Edited by Miroslav Marcovich.

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v. 3 1978 is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. Xenophanes On Drinking-Parties And Olympic Games - Miroslav Marcovich
2. Philoctetes And Modern Criticism - P.E. Easterling
3. The Bacchae As Satyr-Play? - David Sansone
4. Apollonius Rhodius And The Papyri - Michael W. Haslam
5. The Third-Century B.C. Land-Leases From Tholthis - Jean Bingen
6. More Of Nemesion's Notes: P. Corn. inv. 18 - John F. Oates
7. Grenfell's Gift To Lumbroso - Herbert G. Youtie
8. Two Greek Documents From Provincia Arabia - Naphtali Lewis
9. Some Roman Elements In Roman Egypt - J. F. Gilliam
10. Rules For Musical Contests - Orsamus Pearl
11. Two Literary Papyri In An Archive From Panopolis - William H. Willis
12. Augustine And Manichaeism In Light Of The Cologne Mani Codex - Ludwig Koenen
13. The Sahidic Version Of Kingdoms IV - Gerald M. Browne
14. The Role Of The Papyri In Etymological Reconstruction - Henry And Renee Kahane
15. Juvenal, Satire 12: On Friendship True And False - Edwin S. Ramage
16. Tacitean Nobilitas - Revilo P. Oliver
17. Three Textual Notes - Chauncey E. Finch
18. Mark Naoumides (1931-1977): List Of Publications

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