Illinois Classical Studies 06 (2) 1981


Edited by Miroslav Marcovich.

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v.6, no.2 1981 is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. Peace, the Symposium and the Poet - W.J. Slater
2. Verita e accordo contrattuale (σύνθεσις) in Pindaro, fr. 205 Sn.-Maehl. - Bruno Gentili
3. Observations on the Commentary on Euripides' Phoenissae in the MSS Parma 154 and Modena, a. U.9.22 - Bjarne Schartau
4. Inutilis sibi, perniciosus patriae: A Platonic Argument Against Sophistic Rhetoric - Helen F. North
5. Mysticism and Apocalyptic in Ezekiel's Exagoge - Howard Jacobson
6. Cicero's Style for Relating Memorable Sayings - H.C. Gotoff
7. Äsop und Menipp als Hofnarren - Bruno Snell
8. Ovidianum quintum: Das Diluvium bei Ovid und Nonnos - Hans Herter
9. Ovid vs. Apuleius - David F. Bright
10. The Wedding Hymn of Acta Thomae - Miroslav Marcovich
11. Old Breton in Bede - Gerald M. Browne
12. Byzantium's Impact on the West: The Linguistic Evidence - Henry And Renee Kahane
13. Une écriture d'imitation: le Palatinus Vaticanus graecus 186 - Jean Irigoin

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