Illinois Classical Studies 07 (1) 1982


Edited by Miroslav Marcovich.

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v.7, no.1 1982 is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. The Two Faces of Hesiod's Muse - Patricia Ann Marquardt
2. Un passage héraclitéen dans le Politique - Pierre Colaclidès
3. Pindar's Eleventh Nemean Ode: A Commentary- W. J. Verdenius
4. The World-Soul in the Platonic Cosmology- Richard Mohr
5. Agesilaos und Timotheos: zwei Staatsmännersporträts aus der Mitte des IV. Jhs. - Marian Plezia
6. О Характере Конфликта В Комедиях Менандра (On the Nature of Conflict in the Comedies of Menander)- V.N. Iarkho
7. Lucretius and Callimachuss - Robert D. Brown
8. Catullus 64 and the Heroic Age: A Reply - Jaries H. Dee
9. The Structure and Function of Horace, Odes 1.17 - Peter G. Toohey
10. Art and Ethics in the Drama: Senecan "Pseudotragedy" Reconsidered - Anna Lydia Motto And John R. Clark
11. Plutarch and Anaxagoras - Jackson Hershbell
12. Inscriptional Evidence as a Source of Spoken Latin - Paul A. Gaeng

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