Browse A New Green Revolution? Meeting Global Food and Energy Demands by Title

  • van der Meulen, Bernd (2009-03)
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  • Sonka, Steve (2009-03)
    Employing large amounts of agricultural resources to produce renewable sources of energy presents challenges and opportunities. While considerable attention has been devoted to on-farm production issues, much less attention ...
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  • Summerfield, Gale (2009-03)
    Volatility of prices for petroleum, biofuels, and food has had broad social impacts over the last two years and raised many questions. Drawing on experiences of countries, such as Brazil, the US, and China, this paper ...
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  • Khanna, Madhu (2009-03)
    Growing reliance on food-based biofuels has created considerable controversy about its impact on food prices and the environment and led to skepticism about its sustainability. The concept of sustainability in the context ...
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  • Lobell, David B. (2009-03)
    This presentation will discuss what we currently know about how crops respond to warming, where the biggest impacts over the next few decades might be, and what we can do to adapt.
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  • Czapar, George F. (2009-03)
    The 2007 Census of Agriculture provided a current description of the American farmer and helped identify emerging trends. Although agricultural production has become more concentrated, farm numbers have increased and farms ...
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  • Easter, Robert A. (2009-03)
    Almost 200 years ago Malthus argued that population growth would inevitably exceed the capacity of agriculture to provide food. In the intervening years the world has periodically approached the brink of inadequate food ...
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