Illinois Classical Studies 08 (1) 1983


Edited by J.K. Newman.

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v.8, no. 1 1983 (Studies in honor of John Lewis Heller) is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. Some reflections on the 'penultimate' accent - W. Sidney Allen
2. Chalinus armiger in Plautus' Casina - William S. Anderson
3. Ennius Lyricus - George Sheets
4. Comic Elements in Catullus 51 - J.K. Newman
5. The Warp and Woof of the Universe in Lucretius - Jane Mcintosh Snyder
6. Virgil and the Elegiac Sensibility- E.J. Kenney
7. The Literary Background of Virgil's Georgics - Antonio Tovar
8. Invidia infelix: Vergil, Georgics 3. 31-39 - M.W. Dickie
9. Horace Epode 9: Some New Interpretations - Francis Cairns
10. The Cause of Ovid's Exile - G.P. Goold, Yale University
11. The Text of St. Prosper's De Providentia Dei - Miroslav Marcovich
12. Some Aesopic Fables in Byzantium and the Latin West: Tradition, Diffusion, and Survival - John-Theophanes A. Papademetriou
13. The Art of Rhetoric in Gregor Reisch's Margarita Philosophica and Conrad Celtes' Epitome of the Two Rhetorics of Cicero - John J. Bateman
14. Is it really the Accusative? A Century-Old Controversy Revisited - Paul A. Gaeng
15. More Roman Light on Rabbinic Texts - Howard Jacobson
16.John Lewis Heller: Vita and Bibliography

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