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Efficient Finite Element Electromagnetic Analysis for High-Frequency/High-Speed Circuits And Multiconductor Transmission Lines

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Title: Efficient Finite Element Electromagnetic Analysis for High-Frequency/High-Speed Circuits And Multiconductor Transmission Lines
Author(s): Lee, Shih-hao
Director of Research: Jin, Jianming
Doctoral Committee Chair(s): Jin, Jianming
Doctoral Committee Member(s): Cangellaris, Andreas C.; Schutt-Ainé, José E.; Feng, Milton
Department / Program: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Discipline: Electrical and Computer Engineering
Degree Granting Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Degree: Ph.D.
Genre: Dissertation
Subject(s): electromagnetics microwave finite element method fem nodal elements vector elements edge elements higher-order elements triangular elements tetrahedral elements finite element analysis full-wave analysis impedance boundary condition port boundary condition wave port lumped port deembedding thin-wire approximation thin wire modeling internal impedance lumped elements lumped circuits field-circuit simulation EM-circuit simulation stamping reduced-order modeling model order reduction MOR fast frequency sweep solution space projection SSP quasi-static analysis quasi-TEM analysis generalized eigenproblem Lanczos algorithm modal analysis eigenanalysis frequency-dependent media anisotropic media Debye model multiconductor transmission lines transmission line parameters frequency-dependent losses conductor loss dielectric loss substrate loss characteristic impedance skin effect proximity effect parameter extraction resistance inductance capacitance conductance per-unit-length composite conductors waveguide filter coplanar waveguide CPW striplines microstrip lines high-frequency circuits RF circuits high-speed circuits tree-cotree splitting low-frequency breakdown low-frequency instability preconditioning bonding wire printed circuit board multilayer PCB via-holes signal integrity electromagnetic coupling interconnects domain decomposition approximate modal interface AMI AMI–SSP DD–MOR CAD
Abstract: This dissertation comprises the following four components. (1) Development of a robust and efficient 3-D finite element electromagnetic field solver with high-order vector elements for high-frequency and high-speed circuit simulations. The solver supports wave port and lumped port excitations as well as the incorporation of lumped networks and circuit models in a distributed finite element model. An adaptive multipoint model order reduction method is developed for fast broadband analysis. (2) Development of a fast and accurate multiconductor transmission line simulator and parameter extractor with improved model order reduction techniques. A methodology is further proposed for a combined quasi-TEM and full-wave transmission line analysis, which possesses their respective advantages and ensures full-wave accuracy from DC to very high frequencies. The transmission line analysis also takes into account the frequency dependence of dielectric materials. (3) Study of the low-frequency instability problem in the 3-D full-wave finite element simulation. The tree-cotree splitting is combined with several other techniques to improve the matrix conditioning and extend full-wave solutions down to very low frequencies for a more robust broadband characterization of high-speed digital circuits. (4) A combined domain decomposition–model order reduction (DD–MOR) method for efficient full-wave analysis of interconnections in multilayer printed circuit boards. The method not only brings a significant enhancement to computational efficiency while maintaining full-wave accuracy, but also provides great flexibility in the finite element mesh generation.
Issue Date: 2009-06-01
Rights Information: Copyright 2009 Shih-Hao Lee
Date Available in IDEALS: 2009-06-01
Date Deposited: May 2009

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