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Title:Efficient Finite Element Electromagnetic Analysis for High-Frequency/High-Speed Circuits And Multiconductor Transmission Lines
Author(s):Lee, Shih-hao
Director of Research:Jin, Jianming
Doctoral Committee Chair(s):Jin, Jianming
Doctoral Committee Member(s):Cangellaris, Andreas C.; Schutt-Ainé, José E.; Feng, Milton
Department / Program:Electrical and Computer Engineering
Discipline:Electrical and Computer Engineering
Degree Granting Institution:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
finite element method (FEM)
nodal elements
vector elements
edge elements
higher-order elements
triangular elements
tetrahedral elements
finite element analysis
full-wave analysis
impedance boundary condition
port boundary condition
wave port
lumped port
thin-wire approximation
thin wire modeling
internal impedance
lumped elements
lumped circuits
field-circuit simulation
EM-circuit simulation
reduced-order modeling
model order reduction (MOR)
fast frequency sweep
solution space projection (SSP)
quasi-static analysis
quasi-TEM analysis
generalized eigenproblem
Lanczos algorithm
modal analysis
frequency-dependent media
anisotropic media
Debye model
multiconductor transmission lines
transmission line parameters
frequency-dependent losses
conductor loss
dielectric loss
substrate loss
characteristic impedance
skin effect
proximity effect
parameter extraction
composite conductors
coplanar waveguide (CPW)
microstrip lines
high-frequency circuits
RF circuits
high-speed circuits
tree-cotree splitting
low-frequency breakdown
low-frequency instability
bonding wire
printed circuit board
multilayer printed circuit board (PCB)
signal integrity
electromagnetic coupling
domain decomposition
Approximate Modal Interface (AMI)
Approximate Modal Interface–Solution Space Projection (AMI–SSP)
domain decomposition–model order reduction (DD–MOR)
computer-aided design (CAD)
Abstract:This dissertation comprises the following four components. (1) Development of a robust and efficient 3-D finite element electromagnetic field solver with high-order vector elements for high-frequency and high-speed circuit simulations. The solver supports wave port and lumped port excitations as well as the incorporation of lumped networks and circuit models in a distributed finite element model. An adaptive multipoint model order reduction method is developed for fast broadband analysis. (2) Development of a fast and accurate multiconductor transmission line simulator and parameter extractor with improved model order reduction techniques. A methodology is further proposed for a combined quasi-TEM and full-wave transmission line analysis, which possesses their respective advantages and ensures full-wave accuracy from DC to very high frequencies. The transmission line analysis also takes into account the frequency dependence of dielectric materials. (3) Study of the low-frequency instability problem in the 3-D full-wave finite element simulation. The tree-cotree splitting is combined with several other techniques to improve the matrix conditioning and extend full-wave solutions down to very low frequencies for a more robust broadband characterization of high-speed digital circuits. (4) A combined domain decomposition–model order reduction (DD–MOR) method for efficient full-wave analysis of interconnections in multilayer printed circuit boards. The method not only brings a significant enhancement to computational efficiency while maintaining full-wave accuracy, but also provides great flexibility in the finite element mesh generation.
Issue Date:2009-06-01
Rights Information:Copyright 2009 Shih-Hao Lee
Date Available in IDEALS:2009-06-01
Date Deposited:May 2009

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