Illinois Classical Studies 14 (1 & 2) 1989


Edited by J.K. Newman.

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v.14, no. 1 and 2, Spring/Fall 1989 (Silver and Late Latin Poetry) is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. Homer, Vergil, and Complex Narrative Structures in Latin Epic: An Essay - Frederick Ahl
2. Tityrus in Rom—Bemerkungen zu einem vergilischen Thema and seiner Rezeptionsgeschichte - Jochem Küppers
3. Parce, precor . . . ou Tibulle et la prière. Etude stylistique - J. Hellegouarc'h
4. Was Ovid a Silver Latin Poet? - Karl Galinsky
5. Lycaon: Ovid's Deceptive Paradigm in Metamorphoses I - William S. Anderson
6. Silver Threads Among the Gold: A Problem in the Text of Ovid's Metamorphoses - R.J. Tarrant
7. Knaves and Fools in Senecan Drama - Anna Lydia Motto and John R. Clark.
8. The Anapaests of the Octavia - Georg Luck
9. The Confessions of Persius - Joel C. Relihan
10. Petronius Satyricon 46. 8: litterae thesaurum est - Charles Witke
11. Martial et la pensée de Sénèque - Pierre Grimal
12. Martial's "Witty Conceits": Some Technical Observations - John P. Sullivan
13. Marziale e la Letteratura per i Saturnali (poetica dell'intrattenimenlo e cronologia della pubblicazione dei libri) - Mario Citroni
14. Notes on Statius' Thebaid Books I and II - J.B. Hall
15. Later Latin Poetry: Some Principles of Interpretation - J. K. Newman
16. Des droits et des devoirs du poète salirique à l'âge d'argent de la latinité - Jean Gérard
17. On Housman's Juvenal - R.G.M. Nisbet
18. Man and Nature in Ausonius' Moselle - R.P.H. Green
19. D'Aratos à Aviénus: Astronomie et idéologie - Hubert Zehnacker
20. Some Aspects of Commodian - Barry Baldwin
21. Allegory and Reality: Spes, Victoria and the Date of Prudentius's Psychomachia - Danuta Shanzer
22. Palestra bei Prudentius - Christaln Gnilka
23. Proserpina's Tapestry in Claudian's De raptu: Tradition and Design - Michael von Albrecht
24. Die Überlieferungsgeschichte von Claudians Carmina maiora - Peter L. Schmidt
25. Prosper, De ingratis: Textual Criticism - Miroslav Marcovich
26. L'imitation de Stace chez Dracontius - Claude Moussy
27. Platons Kuß und seine Folgen - Walther Ludwig

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