Illinois Classical Studies 12 (1) 1987


Edited by J.K. Newman

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v.12, no.1, 1987 is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. An Unnoticed Allusion in Theocritus and Callimachus - Simon Goldhill
2. Circe and the Poets: Theocritus IX. 35-36 - Hugh Parry
3. Apollonius' Argonautica: Euphemus, a Clod and a Tripod - Steven Jackson
4. Heteros tis eimi: On the Language of Menander's Young Lovers - Frederick E. Brenk
5. Reconstructing the Beginning of Menander's Adelphoi (B) - Mark Damen
6. Polybadiscus and the Astraha of Plautus: New Observations on a Plautine Fragment - Radd Ehrman
7. The Weapons of Love and War: A Note on Propertius IV. 3 - Michael B. Poliakoff
8. From Separation to Song: Horace, Carmina IV - David H. Porter
9. Ovidian Shakespeare: Wit and the Iconography of the Passions - Judith Dundas
10. The Psychology of Uncertainty in Senecan Tragedy - Victoria Tietze
11. De Sublimitate 30. 1: An Overlooked Pointer to a Date? - J.K. Newman
12. M. Minucius Felix as a Christian Humanist - Michael Von Albrecht
13. The Miracles of Cyrus and John: New Old Readings from the Manuscript - John Duffy
14. A Note on Diogmitae - C.P. Jones
15. Where Did the Emporer Lurk? HA, Hadrian 16.3 - Barry Baldwin
16. Vainglorious Menippus In Lucian's Dialogues ofthe Dead - Joel C. Relihan

Illinois Classical Studies (ISSN: 0363-1923) is an edited journal published out of the Department of Classics of the University of Illinois. Illinois Classical Studies represents traditional Classical Philology in the broadest and most inclusive sense. All but the most current five years of ICS are openly available in IDEALS.

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