Illinois Classical Studies 13 (2) 1988


Edited by Miroslav Marcovich.

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v.13, no.2 Fall 1988 (Plutarch) is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. Recontres avec Plutarque - Jacqueline De Romilly
2. Plutarch and Athens - Anthony Podlecki
3. Nepos and Plutarch: From Latin to Greek Political Biography - Joseph Geiger
4. Aspects of Plutarch's Characterisation - Christopher Pelling
5. The Proems of Plutarch's Lives - Philip A. Stadter
6. Remarques à propos de I'usage des citations en matière de chronologie dans les Vies - Françoise Frazier
7. Notes on Plutarch: Pericles and Fabius - David Sansone
8. Is Plutarch Fair to Nikias? - Anastasios G.Nikolaidis
9. Plutarch's Philopoemen and Flamininus - Simon Swain
10. The Lives of the Caesars and Plutarch's other Lives - Aristoula Georgiadou
11. Plutarch and Platonist Orthodoxy - John Dillon
12. Plutarch's Portrait of Socrates - Jackson P. Hershbell
13. - Daniel Babut
14. Una nuova interpretazione del De genio Socrates - Adelmo Barigazzi
15. Plutarco, Socrate e l'Esopo di Delfi - Maria Jagoda Luzzatto
16. Plutarco ed Euripide: alcune considerazioni sulle citazioni euripidee in Plutarco (De aud. poet.) - Paolo Carrara
17. Plutarch's Erotikos: The Drag Down Pulled Up - Brenk, Frederick E., S.J.
18. Πρòç τòv εiπóτα -- Sources and Credibility of De Stoicorum Repugnatiis 8 - John Glucker
19. Plutarch, Hesiod, and the Mouseia of Thespiai - Robert Lamberton
20. Der Höhepunkt der deutschen Plutarchrezeption: Plutarch bei Nietzsche - Heinz Gerd Ingenkamp

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