Illinois Classical Studies 15 (1) 1990


Edited by Miroslav Marcovich.

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v.15, no. 1 Spring 1990 is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. Two More New Verses of Hipponax (and a Spurium of Philoxenus)? - Robert L. Fowler
2. More on Zeno's Forty Logoi - Harold Tarrant
3. The 'Atheistic' Fragment from Euripides' Bellerophontes (286 N²) - Christoph Riedweg.
4. Initial ῥ- in Attic: New Evidence for the Effect of Lexical Status and Syntactic Configuration on the Gemination of ῥ- after Final Short Vowels - Laurence D. Stephens
5. Myrsilus of Methymna and the Dreadful Smell of the Lemnian Women - Steven Jackson
6. Structure and Symmetry in Terence's Adelphoe - Mark L. Damen
7. Like a Wolf on the Fold: Animal Imagery in Vergil - Viola G. Stephens
8. Tragic Contaminatio in Ovid's Metamorphoses: Procne and Medea; Philomela and Iphigeneia (6. 424-674); Scylla and Phaedra (8. 19-151) - David H.J. Larmour
9. Some Ancient Histories of Literary Melancholia - Peter Toohey
10. Tacitus' Germania and Modern Germany - Herbert W. Benario
11. Fronto on the Christians - Barry Baldwin
12. Old Comedy, Menippean Satire, and Philosophy's Tattered Robes in Boethius' Consolation - Joel C. Relihan
13. Constantine Manasses, Itinerary v. 160 - R.D. Dawe
14. Homer in German Classicism: Goethe, Friedrich Schlegel, Hölderlin and Schelling - Joachim Wohlleben

Illinois Classical Studies (ISSN: 0363-1923) is an edited journal published out of the Department of Classics of the University of Illinois. Illinois Classical Studies represents traditional Classical Philology in the broadest and most inclusive sense. All but the most current five years of ICS are openly available in IDEALS.

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