Illinois Classical Studies 23 1998


Edited by David Sansone

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v.23 1998 is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. Recognizing Helen - Timothy W. Boyd
2. Sophocles' Ajax and Homer's Hector: Two Soliloquies - Mark S. Farmer
3. Words into Verse: The Localization of Some Metrical Word-Types in the Iambic Trimeter of Sophocles - Helma Dik
4. "True Justice" in the Republic - Gabriel Danzig
5. Iambe/Iambos and the Rape of a Genre: A Horatian Sidelight - J. Kevin Newman
6. Ad Themistium Arabum II - Gerald M. Browne
7. Varia Fulgentiana - Gregory Hays
8. Two Notes on the Canterbury Biblical Commentaries - Gerald M. Browne
9. Quomodo auctor Psalterii Vercellensis Bedae Collectione Psalterii usus sit - Gerald M. Browne

Illinois Classical Studies (ISSN: 0363-1923) is an edited journal published out of the Department of Classics of the University of Illinois. Illinois Classical Studies represents traditional Classical Philology in the broadest and most inclusive sense. All but the most current five years of ICS are openly available in IDEALS.

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