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Title:Dehumidification Effect by Coupling an Electroosmotic Material with a Desiccant Interface
Author(s):Mina, E.; Newell, T.A.
Subject(s):electroosmotic dehumidification
Abstract:Separately dealing with the latent load, the load associated with moisture content in air, in air conditioning applications can lead to better efficiencies and better control of the indoor environment. This research studies a new method to separate the latent load from the sensible one. The method depends on coupling the electroosmotic force to pump water through a membrane, with the desiccant effect on one surface of the membrane. The research consists of a variety of theoretical, numerical, and experimental investigations relevant to the proposed electroosmotic desiccant system. An ideal, generalized coefficient of performance, COP, for air conditioning processes is developed. Such a coefficient is a limiting case to evaluate the relative efficiency of any air conditioning process. The electroosmotic flow is modeled in porous membranes and the effect of capillary radius is examined. Bench-top experiments are performed to prove the concept of coupling the electroosmotic effect with the desiccant effect to transfer vapor against the vapor pressure gradient. Also, a new type of “thermal” desiccant is developed and experimentally characterized. An electroosmotic dehumidifier system is modeled in order to estimate the area (size), voltage and power needed per unit mass flow of water to be transferred from a region. The operation of an A/C system with and without the electroosmotic dehumidifier is compared and situations where savings is possible are highlighted.
Issue Date:2004-09
Publisher:Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center. College of Engineering. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Series/Report:Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Center TR-232
Genre:Technical Report
Sponsor:Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Project 147
Date Available in IDEALS:2009-06-22

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