Illinois Classical Studies 17 (2) 1992


Edited by Miroslav Marcovich.

The complete text of Illinois Classical Studies v.17, no. 2 Fall 1992 is available here as well as the individual papers. The papers included here are:

1. Of Nature and Eros: Deianeira in Sophocles' Trachiniae - Maryline Parca
2. Asserting Eternal Providence: Theodicy in Sophocles' Oedipus the King - R. Drew Griffith
3. Rethinking the History of the Literary Symposium - Joel C. Relihan And The Members Of Greek Seminar 420
4. Catullus 68A: Veronae Turpe, Catulle, Esse - Trevor Fear
5. Love, Lovesickness, and Melancholia - Peter Toohey
6. Notes on Statius' Thebaid Books 5 and 6 - J.B. Hall
7. Statius Silvae 4. 9: Libertas Decembris? Cynthia Damon
8. "Thus Nature Ordains": Juvenal's Fourteenth Satire - Alan M. Corn
9. Notes on Justin Martyr's Apologies - Miroslav Marcovich
10. Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff on Wilhelm Dilthey: His Letters to Georg Misch (1914-1928) - William M. Calder III And Sven Rugulus
11. The Political Use of Antiquity in the Literature of the German Democratic Republic - Bernd Seidensticker

Illinois Classical Studies (ISSN: 0363-1923) is an edited journal published out of the Department of Classics of the University of Illinois. Illinois Classical Studies represents traditional Classical Philology in the broadest and most inclusive sense. All but the most current five years of ICS are openly available in IDEALS.

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