Note: This is a student project from a course affiliated with the Ethnography of the University Initiative. EUI supports faculty development of courses in which students conduct original research on their university, and encourages students to think about colleges and universities in relation to their communities and within larger national and global contexts.

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Title:Indecisive: Experiences in University Life
Author(s):ENGL27407-01; ENGL27407-03
Subject(s):ENGL 274
Married Life
Abstract:This project explores married life at the university during the 1920s. The authors seek to answer the following questions: What was married life like at the university in the 1920s? What were the university rules about marriage and children on campus? What was the idea of abortion during the 1920s on a university campus? What was daily life like for students who were married and attending university? What were the university policies and their consequences towards sexual norms for married students? This study was based from archival research.
Issue Date:2007-05-15
Genre:Book Chapter
Publication Status:unpublished
Peer Reviewed:not peer reviewed
Date Available in IDEALS:2007-07-10

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  • Student Communities and Culture
    The university offers an extraordinary opportunity to study and document student communities, life, and culture. This collection includes research on the activities, clubs, and durable social networks that comprise sometimes the greater portion of the university experience for students.

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