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  • Unsworth, John; Sandore, Beth (2010-06-30)
    This narrative report provides an overview of ECHO DEP Phase 2 activities and accomplishments. Accompanying appendices and referenced download facilities make available specific additional project deliverables (e.g., EMP’s ...
    untranslated PDF (2MB)
  • McDonough, Jerome P.; Olendorf, Robert; Kirschenbaum, Matthew; Kraus, Kari; Reside, Doug; Donahue, Rachel; Phelps, Andrew; Egert, Christopher; Lowood, Henry; Rojo, Susan (2010-08-31)
    untranslated PDF (23MB)
  • Neubauer, Doug (Atari, Inc., 1979)
    An archival information package for Atari, Inc.'s game Star Raiders. This package contains a ROM image of the game Star Raiders as well as source code for the Atari VCS emulator called "Stella" capable of utilizing the ...
    untranslated ZIP (108MB)Restricted to U of Illinois
  • Williams, Roberta; Williams, Ken (On-Line Systems, 1980)
    This is an archival information package for the computer game Mystery House created by Roberta and Ken Williams for the Apple II system in 1980. It is the first interactive fiction work to use computer graphics. The AIP ...
    untranslated ZIP (505MB)Restricted to U of Illinois
    Crowther, William; Woods, Don (William Crowther, 1977-03-11)
    This is an archival information package for the seminal computer game "Adventure," containing original source code for the game as well as an updated version of the code by Matthew Russotto (, along ...
    untranslated ZIP (240MB)Restricted to U of Illinois

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