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  • Dubin, David; Futrelle, Joe; Plutchak, Joel (IDEAlliance and Mulberry Technologies, Inc, 2006-08-07)
    Description of structural and semantic relationships and properties of, within, and between resources is seen as a key issue in digital preservation. But the markup languages used to encode descriptions for migration between ...
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  • Habing, Thomas G. (2007-06-25)
    This is a presentation describing how METS, MODS, PREMIS, and other metadata standards were integrated as part of a repository interoperability and preservation architecture. This was presented at the ALA Annual conference ...
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  • Williams, Roberta; Williams, Ken (On-Line Systems, 1980)
    This is an archival information package for the computer game Mystery House created by Roberta and Ken Williams for the Apple II system in 1980. It is the first interactive fiction work to use computer graphics. The AIP ...
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  • McDonough, Jerome P.; Olendorf, Robert; Kirschenbaum, Matthew; Kraus, Kari; Reside, Doug; Donahue, Rachel; Phelps, Andrew; Egert, Christopher; Lowood, Henry; Rojo, Susan (2010-08-31)
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  • Habing, Thomas G.; Cordial, Matthew; Eke, Janet; Mischo, William H.; Cole, Timothy W. (2007-01-24)
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  • Neubauer, Doug (Atari, Inc., 1979)
    An archival information package for Atari, Inc.'s game Star Raiders. This package contains a ROM image of the game Star Raiders as well as source code for the Atari VCS emulator called "Stella" capable of utilizing the ...
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  • Eke, Janet (2007-03-09)
    This document is a user guide, developed by the ECHO DEPository at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, for the web archiving suite of tools developed by OCLC as part of the National Digital Information Infrastructure ...
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