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Title:Studies of the Strain Distribution in Wide Plates During Brittle Fracture Propagation
Author(s):Rolfe, S.T.; Lynam, T.M.; Hall, W.J.
Subject(s):brittle fracture propagation
Plates, Iron and Steel.
Abstract:This report summarizes the results of a series of tests made as a part of the study of the propagation of brittle fractures in six-ft wide steel plates. All plates were tested under similar conditions of stress, temperature, and impact, which made it possible to superimpose the test data and obtain contours of strain on the surface of the plate for a propagating fracture. Contours of both the maximum principal strain and strain for vertically oriented gages for various lengths of crack are presented in this report. A study of all the applicable data from earlier tests made as a part of this program indicates that the strain contour data presented herein are representative of all the tests which have been conducted. The strain contours reveal much about the nature of the strain field associated with a propagating brittle fracture. The studies indicate that for this particular specimen geometry and associated test conditions, the strain field associated with the tip of the advancing fracture remains essentially unchanged after traversing about one-third of the plate width.
Issue Date:1958-04
Publisher:University of Illinois Engineering Experiment Station. College of Engineering. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Series/Report:Civil Engineering Studies SRS-151
Genre:Technical Report
Sponsor:Ship Structure Committee. Bureau of Ships, U.S. Navy.
Contract NObs 65790
Index No. NS-731-034
Subproject SR-137
Date Available in IDEALS:2009-09-04

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