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Title:The Analysis of High Temperature Creep in Shallow Domes
Author(s):Friedericy, Johan Anton
Contributor(s):Stucliffe, S.; Newmark, N.M.
Subject(s):Creep, high temperature
Abstract:This report is concerned with the time dependent deformational analysis of a clamped shallow dome by means of an analogous framework. The dome is subjected to axially symmetric pressures which can be varied in and to constant temperatures which cause creep. The analysis uses a Tresca type of steady creep law to determine the creep flow conditions in the bars of the framework. Creep strains are computed from the stresses in the bars) and vary in magnitude and direction from one time interval to the next by Shanley's step-by-step procedure. The creep strains introduced at the end of each time interval disturb the equilibrium and continuity conditions at the node points of the framework. These are re-established by means of a relaxation process which involves a physical adjustment scheme for the deflections and rotations at the node points. The procedure, as in the Cross moment distribution method for frame-works, employs distribution, carry-over, and stiffness coefficients and has been programmed for the ILLIAC, the high speed digital computer of the University of Illinois. Numerical results for stresses and deflections at node points can be obtained at regular time intervals as the dome creeps. The results of some illustrative cases are summarized in a set of tables and some trends are indicated graphically.
Issue Date:1961-12
Publisher:University of Illinois Engineering Experiment Station. College of Engineering. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Series/Report:Civil Engineering Studies SRS-233
Genre:Technical Report
Sponsor:Office of Naval Research. Department of the Navy.
Contract Nonr 1834(03)
Project NR 064-183
Date Available in IDEALS:2009-09-21

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