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UIS Faculty, staff, and graduate students can deposit their research and scholarship—unpublished and, in many cases, published—directly into IDEALS. Departments can use IDEALS to distribute their working papers, technical reports, or other research material.

If you have not deposited material into IDEALS before, please follow this two-step process: 1) Login to IDEALS using your NetID and password (login option found in the upper left hand corner of the webpage); and 2) After you have logged into IDEALS, contact Tom Wood at and note your faculty/staff/student status and what department you belong to. You will then be granted submittal rights to the appropriate collection. Before submitting, please be sure to review the guidelines for depositing your work.

Please note, if your program or department is not listed amongst the UIS collections and you would like to have a collection created for it, please contact Tom Wood.

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  • Jennings, Sarah; Lemke, Michael J.; Dungey, Keenan E. (2011-09-01)
    The UIS Conservation Academy at Emiquon began when a local school district approached science professors at UIS with the idea that their two educational institutions could partner together to strengthen science education ...


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  • Hoag, Beth A.; Sagmoen, Sarah R (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2017)
    This book chapter outlines the student employment program at Brookens Library at the University of Illinois Springfield and provides practical strategies for application of a student employment program that is focused on ...


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  • Dungey, Keenan E., Trammell, Gary L., Bapat, Harshavardhan D., Gade, Wayne (National Science Foundation, 2004-06-14)
    Incorporation of powder X-ray diffraction training and experiences into the undergraduate chemistry curriculum at two public institutions of higher education.


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  • Carter, Marjorie (2018)
    Humor in the Face of Injustice” is an essay which analyzes Miné Okubo’s Citizen 13660 specific to its importance as a source in the history of Japanese internment camps in the United States. While her audience was intended ...


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