Universal Parallel Computing Research Center

UPCRC Illinois is a joint research effort of the Illinois Department of Computer Science and the Coordinated Science Laboratory, with funding from corporate partners Microsoft and Intel. Its work is conducted by faculty members and graduate students from the departments of computer science and Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois. UPCRC is also one of many efforts at Illinois currently invested in pioneering and promoting parallel computing research and education.

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  • Dig, Danny; Radoi, Cosmin; Tarce, Mihai; Minea, Marius; Johnson, Ralph (2009-09-10)
    In the multicore era, sequential programs need to be refactored for parallelism. The next version of Java provides ParallelArray, an array data structure that supports parallel operations over the array elements. For ...


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  • Vakilian, Mohsen; Dig, Danny; Bocchino, Robert L., Jr.; Overbey, Jeffrey; Adve, Vikram S.; Johnson, Ralph (2009)
    Effect systems are important for reasoning about the side effects of a program. Although effect systems have been around for decades, they have not been widely adopted in practice because of the large number of annotations ...


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  • Choi, Byn; Komuravelli, Rakesh; Lu, Victor; Sung, Hyojin; Bocchino, Robert L., Jr. (2009-09-22)
    The k-D tree is a well-studied acceleration data structure for ray tracing. It is used to organize primitives in a scene to allow efficient execution of intersection operations between rays and the primitives. The highest ...


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  • Bocchino, Robert L., Jr.; Adve, Vikram S. (2009-09-08)
    Object-oriented frameworks can make parallel programming easier by providing generic parallel algorithms such as map, reduce, or scan, and letting the user fill in the details with sequential code. However, such frameworks ...


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  • Bocchino, Robert L., Jr.; Adve, Vikram S.; Dig, Danny; Heumann, Stephen; Komuravelli, Rakesh; Overbey, Jeffrey; Simmons, Patrick; Sung, Hyojin; Vakilian, Mohsen (2009-02)
    We describe a type and effect system for ensuring deterministic semantics in a concurrent object-oriented language. Our system provides several new capabilities over previous work, including support for linear arrays ...


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