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  • Vakilian, Mohsen; Dig, Danny; Bocchino, Robert L., Jr.; Overbey, Jeffrey; Adve, Vikram S.; Johnson, Ralph (2009)
    Effect systems are important for reasoning about the side effects of a program. Although effect systems have been around for decades, they have not been widely adopted in practice because of the large number of annotations ...
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  • Yang, Zhenyu; Cui, Yi; Anwar, Zahid; Bocchino, Robert L., Jr.; Kiyanclar, Nadir; Nahrstedt, Klara; Campbell, Roy H.; Yurcik, William (2005-08)
    Tele-immersive system can improve the productivity and aid communication by allowing distributed parties to exchange information via a shared immersive experience. The TEEVE research project at the University of Illinois ...
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