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  • Moy, Lauren (2007-05-15)
    This project examines the history and progression of the Women’s golf team at the university. The author seeks to answer how opportunities became available for these athletes, and how the women’s team has progressed since ...


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  • Nitzsche Green, Rebecca (2008)
    Control of space, particularly at the University of Illinois, influences the movement of the human body and the resources the University provides for the student body. The current Office of Women’s Programs provides a large ...


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  • West, Linda (2007-05-15)
    This project explores Women’s Tennis at the University of Illinois prior to 1975. The author is interested in media coverage of Women’s Collegiate tennis and focuses on an inquiry into finding information on the 1975 U.S. ...


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  • Reiner, Brigette (2007-05-15)
    This project examines student experiences of playing for the Women’s wheelchair basketball team (Ms. Kids) on campus. The author seeks to answer the following questions: What are student’s experiences playing on Ms. Kids? ...


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