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Title:Numerical Evaluation of Domain and Contour Integrals for Nonlinear Fracture Mechanics: Formulation and Implementation Aspects
Author(s):Dodds, Robert H., Jr.; Vargas, P.M.
Subject(s):Domain integrals
Contour integrals
Fracture mechanics
Abstract:The crack tip flux integral, denoted J, for local translations (Mode I) of a planar, curved crack front has potential application as a characterizing parameter in three-dimensional, nonlinear fracture mechanics. The integral, defined over a vanishingly small contour in a normal plane to the crack front, provides the pointwise value of the mechanical energy release rate. Arbitrary loading and material behavior are accommodated in the limit of a vanishing contour shrunk onto the crack front. Numerical evaluation of the integral in the context of finite element analysis necessarily leads to the development of computational procedures for non-vanishing, finite-sized contours. Such developments have proceeded along two lines with the corresponding introduction of "Domain Integral" (integrals over element volumes) and "Contour Integral" (line integrals and area integrals) methods. Each approach leads to identical numerical values; selection of a procedure thus becomes a matter of convenience in element meshing and problem specification. This report describes the theoretical basis of each computational procedure, associated numerical algorithms, and details of the implementation in the general purpose analysis system POLO-FINITE. Example problems addressing 2-D and 3-D cracked structures for linear and nonlinear response under thermomechanical loading are presented to illustrate the general applicability of the procedures.
Issue Date:1988-08
Publisher:University of Illinois Engineering Experiment Station. College of Engineering. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Series/Report:Civil Engineering Studies SRS-542
Genre:Technical Report
Sponsor:David Taylor Research Center, Metals and Welding Division
Date Available in IDEALS:2009-11-04

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