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Title:Effect of Hysteretic Models on the Inelastic Response Spectra
Author(s):Han, S.W.; Oh, Y-H.; Lee, L-Y.; Foutch, D.A.
Subject(s):Inelastic Response Spectrum (IRS)
IRS (Inelastic Response Spectrum)
Earthquake engineering
Linear Elastic Response Spectrum (LERS)
LERS (Linear Elastic Response Spectrum)
Abstract:The design response spectrum has been widely used in seismic design to estimate force and deformation demands of structures imposed by earthquake ground motion. Inelastic Design Response Spectra (IDRS) to specify design yielding strength in seismic codes are obtained by reducing the ordinates of Linear Elastic Design Response Spectrum (LEDRS) by strength reduction factor (R). The factor R can be determined by three components which are ductility factor (~), overstrength factor (Rs) and redundancy factor (Rr). In this study ductility factor is only considered which is defined as the ratio of linear elastic response spectrum to inelastic response spectrum. Since a building is designed using reduced design spectrum (IDRS) rather than LEDRS in current seismic design procedures it allows structures behave inelastically during design level Earthquake Ground Motion (EGM). In this study inelastic response spectrum (IRS) and ductility factor (~) are investigated. Followings are two objectives of this study. 1) Establishment of the functional form of R factor in order to account for the dynamic properties, response level, and hysteretic characteristics. Using this functional form of R factor it is convenient to calculate the IRS from LERS. 2) Investigation of the effect of the dynamic properties, response level, and hysteretic characteristics on IRS.
Issue Date:1999-10
Publisher:University of Illinois Engineering Experiment Station. College of Engineering. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Series/Report:Civil Engineering Studies SRS-628
Genre:Technical Report
Sponsor:Advanced STructure RESearch Station (STRESS) of KOrea Science and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF)
Grant STRESS 98KO-1402-00-02-1
Date Available in IDEALS:2009-11-16

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