The iSchools are interested in the relationship between information, people and technology. This is characterized by a commitment to learning and understanding the role of information in human endeavors. The iSchools take it as given that expertise in all forms of information is required for progress in science, business, education, and culture. This expertise must include understanding of the uses and users of information, as well as information technologies and their applications.

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  • Sawyer, Steven; Allen, Warren; Monroy, Carlos; Shankar, Kalpana; Su, Norman Makoto; Voida, Stephen (iSchools, 2015-03-15)
    The 2015 Sociotech Workshop focuses attention to the possibilities of leveraging trace data (data that is created from the use or presence of digital artifacts and interactions) with data collected through fieldwork. This ...


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  • Juncker, Beth; Meyers, Eric; Martens, Marianne; Balling, Gitte; Fisher, Karen; Todd, Ross (iSchools, 2015-03-15)
    Digital youth is a critical area of research and practice within the iSchools movement. The goal of the Digital Youth Workshop at the iConference 2015 is to continue the efforts of two highly successful workshops in Fort ...


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  • Glushko, Robert J.; Milowski, Alex; Maloney, Murray (iSchools, 2015-03-15)
    Our intent in this workshop is to contrast typical approaches for making and using ebooks with a different tack taken with a collaboratively authored textbook that has been adopted by numerous ISchools. We can use this ...


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  • Fleischmann, Kenneth R.; Shilton, Katie; Nathan, Lisa; Erickson, Ingrid (iSchools, 2015-03-15)
    Abstract How do values inspire, energize, and politicize the design process? In turn, how does the process of design influence and inform our understanding of values? This workshop will explore the relationships between ...


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  • Penzenstadler, Birgit; Richardson, Debra; Tomlinson, Bill; Fleischmann, Kenneth R.; Becker, Christoph; Nathan, Lisa; Blevis, Eli; Silberman, Six; Karlin, Beth; Norton, Juliet; Raturi, Ankita (iSchools, 2015-03-15)
    This workshop brings together researchers from the entire iSchools community to propose, share and discuss their current research and future research agendas and foster collaborations on ICT for Sustainability. ICT plays ...


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