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  • Buntain, Cody; Golbeck, Jennifer; Auxier, Brooke Elizabeth; Assefa, Biniyam Girum; Boyd, Karen; Byers, Kristen M.; Chawla, Gursimran; Chen, Daniel; Cooper, Benjamin J.; Cupani, J.; Daetwyler, C.; DeWitte, N.; Garcia, S.; Hafer, C.; Khan, M.; Lewis, M.; Martindale, M.J.; Mauriello, M.L.; McNamara, H.; McWillie, S.A.; Millay, D.; Munzar, T.; Mussenden, S.; Orji, N.; Phung, L.; Rogers, K.M.; Rytting, C.A.; Shadan, T.; Sivam, S.; Stavish, K.; Subramanian, A.; Tipirneni, S.; Topiwala, R.; Wagner-Riston, M.; Wiriyathammabhum, P.; Workneh, F. (iSchools, 2019-03-15)
    This project synthesizes a set of 246 fake news websites previously identified in three earlier research projects. From this dataset, we extract a set of all authors who have written for these sites in 2016. This authorcentric ...


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