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  • Buntain, Cody; Golbeck, Jennifer; Auxier, Brooke Elizabeth; Assefa, Biniyam Girum; Boyd, Karen; Byers, Kristen M.; Chawla, Gursimran; Chen, Daniel; Cooper, Benjamin J.; Cupani, J.; Daetwyler, C.; DeWitte, N.; Garcia, S.; Hafer, C.; Khan, M.; Lewis, M.; Martindale, M.J.; Mauriello, M.L.; McNamara, H.; McWillie, S.A.; Millay, D.; Munzar, T.; Mussenden, S.; Orji, N.; Phung, L.; Rogers, K.M.; Rytting, C.A.; Shadan, T.; Sivam, S.; Stavish, K.; Subramanian, A.; Tipirneni, S.; Topiwala, R.; Wagner-Riston, M.; Wiriyathammabhum, P.; Workneh, F. (iSchools, 2019-03-15)
    This project synthesizes a set of 246 fake news websites previously identified in three earlier research projects. From this dataset, we extract a set of all authors who have written for these sites in 2016. This authorcentric ...


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  • Auxier, Brooke Elizabeth; Golbeck, Jennifer (iSchools, 2019-03-15)
    The term "fake news" gained traction during the 2016 US presidential election and campaign cycle. Previous work on this data set identified seven themes in fake news articles, including positions opposing or favoring groups ...


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