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Title:Application of shortest path algorithms to find paths of minimum radiation dose
Author(s):Alzalloum, Abdul-Qadim
Advisor(s):Uddin, Rizwan
Contributor(s):Uddin, Rizwan
Department / Program:Nuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering
Discipline:Nuclear Engineering
Degree Granting Institution:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Shortest Path Algorithms
Path of Minimum Radiation Dose
Path Minimization Algorithms
Minimize Radiation Dose
Abstract:Presented here is the use of two path-optimization algorithms, Dijkstra's Algorithm, and the Bellman-Ford Algorithm, to find paths through radiologically contaminated environments such that the accumulated dose is minimal. Such paths will be very useful for personnel whose job requires them to navigate through contaminated areas such as nuclear facility workers and emergency response personnel who need to respond to events which occur in nuclear facilities. The modified algorithms are coded in Matlab. Preliminary calculations are carried out to test convergence as a function of number of grid points used. Impact of other parameters in the algorithm on results is also evaluated. Several models of contaminated areas are developed and minimum dose paths are determined. These models include both continuous as well as discrete radiation fields, and ranged in complexity from simple hypothetical models, to real models of contaminated areas in currently operational nuclear power plants such as the LaSalle Nuclear Power Station and the Clinton Power Station. Minimal dose path is also determined in a room where the radiation field is determined using MCNP transport code. In order to solve these real complex models, the capability to maneuver around obstacles was added to the algorithm. It was also proposed in this thesis to integrate the minimal dose paths into virtual reality models of the contaminated areas for personnel training purposes. A virtual 3D interactive model of a LaSalle Nuclear Power Plant room was developed and its minimal path solution was added to this VR model. An MCNP model of a contaminated room was also solved and its minimal dose path calculated.
Issue Date:2010-01-06
Rights Information:© 2009 by Abdul-Qadim Alzalloum. All rights reserved.
Date Available in IDEALS:2010-01-06
Date Deposited:December 2

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